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The Eucharistic Miracle Experience 

September 29 - October 22, 2023

What if it is True?

What if ... what the Catholic Church teaches about

the Eucharist is true?

What if the Eucharist is God's Real Presence

with us and in receiving the Eucharist we are truly eating the flesh and blood of our Lord Jesus?

How does knowing this change your relationship with God? What does it mean for us?

To know God's Presence in the Eucharist we need to have an experience of His Presence.

The Eucharistic Miracle Experience 2023 is an ambitious project to help those who participate have a greater understanding and 

experience of our Lord Jesus, the God-Man, 

in the Mystery of the Eucharist.

"Do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life"
(John 6:27)

We all hunger for self-giving love, joy, and peace. We hunger  for life without end. We hunger for God! In the gift of the Eucharist, Jesus gives Himself in a special way to truly satisfy our souls' hunger. Because He is God, our Lord can take ordinary bread and wine and change it into Himself. He tells us in the Gospel of John chapter 6,

"my Flesh is true food"

(John 6:55). 

Not knowing God has given this Bread from heaven, we often try to satisfy our hunger for God, with the bread of the world - money, pleasures, human relationships, etc. -

that will never satisfy us.  

Let us be filled and satisfied with Him who is "the living Bread that came down from heaven!" (John 6:51).

Eucharist with people.jpg

Jesus says "I Am the Way, Truth, and Life. 

Eucharistic Revival 

For many reasons, including lack of Catholic teaching, scandal, and worldly distraction, many Catholics either do not know, do not believe, or are indifferent to the miracle of the Jesus’ REAL PRESENCE in the Sacrament of Eucharist. To help all Catholics have a greater awareness, reverence, and love of our Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist with the hope we have a life-changing experience of Him, the Bishops of United States have started a multi-year initiative called the 

“Eucharistic Revival.” 


What is a Eucharistic Miracle?

Did you know?

There have been many “Eucharistic Miracles” in the Catholic Church's long 2000 year history. In these special cases, there is a second miracle that occurs after the bread is changed into our Lord. What normally looks still looks like bread (small, white host) or looks like wine after the Consecration at Mass is seen with the eye as human flesh or blood. There is even scientific investigations confirming these miracles.


In June 2023, we will have panels describing many of these miracles. 

Click for more on Eucharistic Miracles from recent years - the 21st Century: 


The Mystery of the Eucharist


Although the Eucharist appears to be simple bread and wine, it is actually the "source and summit" of the Christian life. Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist explores the truth and beauty of Christ's real presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture, to its profound role in the life of the Church and her members. It is the crescendo of the entire story of salvation.

Check out the great videos on

the Real Presence

from Augustine Institute

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