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Experience of the Eucharist

An immersive devotional experience of how God feeds our hunger with the gift of the Holy Eucharist.


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About this event

Immerse yourself in a Devotional encounter and experience how God reveals His Most Precious Gift of the Holy Eucharist to YOU! Through artistic presentations, projection video, and narration, you will have a visual, audio, and tactile devotional experience of the Holy Eucharist as revealed in Sacred Scriptures and throughout salvation history. You will experience the power of the Real, True Presence of the Holy Eucharist, this magnificent Gift that God has bestowed upon your life.


These opportunities will also be available to dive deeper into the Devotion:

• Older children and Adults may view a 25-minute Scientific Eucharistic Film!

• Families can enjoy a 24-minute Children's Film on the Holy Eucharist and engage in Children's

Eucharistic Art Activities!

• Gain a greater sense of your real hunger for God by spending time with Jesus in the Blessed


*Please note, should you be in-need of large group arrangements or alternative hours, please contact us at 209-551-4973 to arrange.

Large Group Registration

If you have a group larger than 8 please contact us to set up group arrangements. 


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