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Immersion Experience

Immerse in the True, the Good, and the Beautiful  

Want is an immersion experience?

An immersion experience is a way to employ video projection technology to stimulate the participant's senses to convey an experience - to give the sensation of being in the scene. 

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, the latest techniques of art and architecture have been used to offer the viewer a better understanding of the sublime mysteries of the Catholic Faith. We are going to be using the latest in art and technology to help participants to be immersed in what God has already revealed about the gift of the Eucharist. With projection video and engaging narration, we hope those who seek the Truth will find it in knowing what the Eucharist is, Who the Eucharist IS!

Examples of how immersion rooms are used 

 Illuminarium in Atlanta, GA - Outer space immersion

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